Jewelry Care

At Charles Darius, we are committed to offering an exquisite selection of fine jewelry, including pieces crafted in sterling silver, gold, rhodium, and adorned with brilliant diamonds. Each material we use is selected for its quality and durability, but proper care is essential to maintain its beauty and luster over time. This guide provides detailed care instructions for each type of jewelry, ensuring your pieces remain as captivating as when they were first worn.


General Care Tips

1. Regular Cleaning: Keep your jewelry clean and free from build-up of dirt and oil by gently wiping with a soft, lint-free cloth after each wear.

2. Proper Storage: Store your jewelry in a clean, dry place, separated by material type to avoid scratches. Soft-lined jewelry boxes or individual pouches are ideal.

3. Avoid Chemicals: Exposure to chemicals can damage or discolor precious metals—gold, silver, rhodium, and can harm some colored gems. Remove your jewelry when using chemicals.

4. Professional Maintenance: Have your jewelry checked and cleaned professionally once a year. This is especially important for pieces that contain diamonds or are worn frequently.


Care for Sterling Silver

Tarnishing: Sterling silver naturally tarnishes over time. To minimize tarnish, store silver pieces in airtight bags with anti-tarnish strips.

Cleaning: Use a soft cloth or a silver polish cloth to remove tarnish. For deeper cleaning, use a silver-specific cleaner.


Care for Gold

Scratch Prevention: Gold is prone to scratching. Store it separately in a fabric-lined box.

Cleaning: Mix a small amount of mild dish soap with warm water and soak the gold jewelry briefly. Then, gently brush the pieces with a new, baby-size, soft toothbrush. Rinse under warm running water and dry with a soft cloth.


Care for Rhodium-Plated Jewelry

Maintaining Shine: Rhodium plating increases shine and durability but can wear off. Avoid rubbing and direct contact with abrasives.

Cleaning: Clean rhodium-plated jewelry with a mild soap and water solution, using a soft cloth to dry and polish.


Care for Diamond Jewelry

Regular Cleaning: Keep diamonds sparkling with regular cleaning. Soak your diamond jewelry in a mixture of one part ammonia to six parts water, then gently brush with a soft bristle brush.

Checking Settings: Regularly check the settings of your diamond jewelry to ensure the stones are secure. Professional inspections are recommended annually.


En Résumé

By adhering to these care instructions, your fine jewelry from Charles Darius will continue to shine and inspire. Should you have any questions about caring for your specific pieces or need assistance with professional cleaning, please contact our customer service team or visit our website for more information.