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Charles Darius

Bespoke Toothbrushes

Bespoke Toothbrushes

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Handcrafted in Paris, these toothbrush handles and their stands are one-of-a-kind items to add some luxury to your morning and evening routines.

Each toothbrush is crafted "à la demande" (per order) and we offer a series of personalization options from engraving to diamond settings.

Included in your order

  • 15 units of removable tips
  • A travel box 

Information for custom orders

For engraving and diamond settings, we will contact you to confirm the details of your order.


Order & Fulfillement 


Our commitment to sustainability leads us to produce each of these items tailor-made to reduce our ecological footprint, potentially resulting in a brief delay in fulfillment. After you place your order, one of our representatives will reach out to you to provide updates.
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