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Charles Darius

Elysian - Ping Pong Table

Elysian - Ping Pong Table

Elysian Ping Pong Table – where unparalleled luxury meets exquisite craftsmanship in the realm of sports equipment. This extraordinary table isn’t just a piece of equipment; it’s a work of art, a symbol of refinement, and a testament to masterful craftsmanship. Designed for the connoisseur who seeks excellence in every detail, the Elysian Table transforms any space into a showcase of opulence and style.

Each Elysian Table is a beacon of luxury, pushing the boundaries of traditional sports equipment with its breathtaking design and impeccable quality. It is crafted by skilled artisans who are committed to creating not just functional items but pieces that stand as significant contributions to the art of luxury living.

This table is perfect for those who view their sports equipment as a reflection of their lifestyle. It offers a unique blend of functionality and beauty, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to elevate their game to the highest levels of luxury and performance.


Dimensions: 9’ | 2.74 m long by 5’ | 1.525 m in wide, The playing surface of a ping-pong table must be set at a height of 2.5’ | 76 cm and is equipped with a center net.

The Dimensions of the center net might slightly vary between pieces due to the handcrafted nature of this piece.

The Paddles

The paddles are individually designed for each order following a personal consultation with our esteemed clients. Each set is meticulously personalized, ensuring a unique touch for him or her. We craft four paddles for every single order, tailoring each one to meet the specific preferences and requirements of our clients and package in a matching coffret.

How to Order

This exquisite product is exclusively available through private appointments. For further details and personalized assistance, please connect with our Client Relations Department via email or WhatsApp at your leisure.


Customization options are available such as changing the material or finishes, adding decorations or even engraving, please contact our Client Relations Department to be contacted by our Designers.

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