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Charles Darius

Loop weave texture T-shirt

Loop weave texture T-shirt

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Experience casual luxury with the Charles Darius Unisex Tee-Shirt, crafted from heavy 100% Japanese cotton with a unique loop weave texture for depth and distinction. Each tee-shirt is semi-handmade in Osaka, Japan, combining manual sewing machine precision with artisanal craftsmanship for quality and durability. Made to order for exclusivity and sustainability, this unisex piece epitomizes minimalist fashion, offering timeless style and unparalleled comfort.

  • Material: Heavy 100% Japanese cotton with loop weave texture.
  • Semi-handmade in Osaka, Japan, blending machine precision with artisanal detail.
  • Design: Unisex, minimalist fashion appeal for versatile wardrobe integration.
  • Sustainability: Made per order to ensure exclusivity and minimize waste

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